SAGE - ending child sexual abuse SAGE - ending child sexual abuse

SAGE is a Prince Edward Island grassroots volunteer organization whose mandate is to educate and empower community to prevent child sexual abuse. SAGE is a registered not for profit organization.

• Advocate on behalf of survivors.
• Provide and support non-therapeutic programs for survivors.

Community education, outreach and collaboration with community partners all leading towards PREVENTION.

All children on PEI are safe from sexual abuse.


  • Islanders (policy makers, professionals, parents, families, and communities) are aware that sexual abuse is being committed.
  • Islanders are aware of the experiences of survivors of childhood sexual abuse.
  • Islanders will be able to take action for stopping child sexual abuse.
  • Islanders will take action to support survivors to have a voice in stopping child sexual abuse.
  • Islanders are aware of the personal, social, and economic impacts of child sexual abuse.
  • People who have experienced child sexual abuse will have the skills and opportunities to become community leaders.
  • Islanders will support potential offenders and offenders to take accountability and to stop offending.
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